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Moved last Monday. Was in the same apartment for 20 years, raised my son there, and so much more. Feeling disoriented and jumpy. Hope to get used to the newness soon. So long Arlington, hello Woburn.

Belmont Stakes

Oh what a difference a year can make! Congratulations to everyone associated with American Pharoah on a job well done.

Belmont Stakes

Hoping for a triple-crown winner at today's Belmont Stakes. http://www.belmontstakes.com/

Being born in Louisville KY, I always watch the Kentucky Derby with the most affection, but the Belmont Stakes is considered the "test of the champion." http://www.belmontstakes.com/history/carnationblanket.aspx

Here's hoping California Chrome http://www.belmontstakes.com/history/carnationblanket.aspx is up to the test!
Dropping by again to see the old page and update a few things on my profile. New interest of the last year is pollinator conservation. Over the last two years, we've redone the garden into a pollinator-friendly environment and the results have been very gratifying. This summer, the pollinators came in great number, especially when the swampweed and milkweed were blooming. First time I ever saw giant black wasps and golden digger wasps. There were many bumble bees and native bees throughout the summer. The honey bees were in plenty as well. The only visitors we missed were the butterflies. Saw a couple of swallowtails but not a single Monarch. Putting the garden to bed in the next couple of weeks and planning for next year.

Just stopping by

Another couple of years and I still can't let go of this account. I have come by LJ a little more frequently in the last year or so, mainly to read GRRM's page. I also check on communities I used to frequent. Glad to see the platform is lively and that great writers post here often. Wishing you all the best!

Feb. 12th, 2011

Once again, thinking about closing this account. I hardly ever come by LJ anymore. Mainly I visit when I'm at someone else's lj and just log in out of curiosity. When I see the page, I remember how important this community was for me a few years back, and I decide to wait awhile.
Really excited about the NCAA fencing championships being held locally at Harvard's Gordon indoor track.

For the schedule of events, visit http://www.ncaa.com/sports/c-fenc/champpage/inc/natcol/c-fenc-divnatcol-schedule.html.

Live results being posted to http://www.prisedefer.com/NCAA.

For a summary of information, visit http://www.ncaa.com/sports/c-fenc/champpage/c-fenc-divnatcol-index.html.


I learned to garden with my mother and enjoyed it then because it was precious time when we worked side-by-side without the usual diet of strained communication between a demanding parent and a rebellious child. Mom grew up poor in Louisville KY, the youngest daughter of truck farmers, hard working people who never finished grade school. Mom left that world behind long ago, going to college, becoming a psychologist, and moving away from the south. You'd never believe she came from those roots except for this occasional spark of pride that flashes when it comes to knowing about dirt and worms and manure.

When we moved up to Arlington MA, into this 200 year-old house with ground so compacted it felt like concrete under foot, Mom told me we'd never get anything to grow unless we fed the soil "better than a baby and just as often." By that time, Mom was too old to sink her hands in the soil herself so I took up the challenge. Over the course of 10 years, she showed me how to double-dig the tired soil, to put together a compost pile, and mulch over beds in winter, transforming the coffee brown clay into black rich soil.

After many years of wanting to get some research-based knowledge about the practice of growing, I decided to take a class. I had to smile to myself when the teacher, Lori, expressed one of the first tenets of her gardening philosophy in this simple way: "If you feed the soil, the soil will feed the plants." Thank you Mom, you knew it all along.
10 days of this bout with pernicious cold/bronchitis and I'm still miserable despite rest, fluids, drugs, chicken soup, and one whole season of Criminal Minds. I think I'll go back to work tomorrow--no longer a risk to others--just a tissue-soaking, hacking, wheezing sod.