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Home from Houston

Stepped off the plane from Boston into 75 degree sunshine; it was good to be back in Houston. We stayed downtown at the convention center hotel. The view was postcard-quality from our 15th floor room--facing west--the curtains never closed on the spectacle which included the Houston Marathon, a sky-busting thunderstorm, and the MLK day parade. Hit Rice Epicurean for Boar's Head meats and snacks, Chuys for great Tex Mex, and Spencer's for steak.

The visit was made all the sweeter because the fencing was the best Alex has done at a national event. He fenced Junior foil on Friday, Div I epee on Saturday, and Junior epee on Monday. It was a breakthrough for him emotionally and I'm very proud. He fenced with his head as well as his heart. I'm sure now making it possible for him to work with Adam Naylor at the BUAEC was the right thing. (Mr. Shipman, the fencing coach at Brandeis, watched a few bouts each day. I think he was impressed with Alex's demeanor and how far he has come since the Summer Nationals. Alex was delighted that he spent time watching him and hopes that that means good things if he gets into Brandeis!)

Picked up another dratted cold/sinus infection in my travels--I feel like I'm never 100% well anymore. The doc says that my asthma may not be asthma but the early signs of emphesema. I can't be clearer on how much I regret smoking--just short of wallowing in it! Yikes. I wish I felt like Thoreau about regrets: "Make the most of your regrets. . . . To regret deeply is to live afresh." But I tend to come down closer to Stowe: "The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone."