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Well just back from the doctor's with bad news--Alex has mono! The glands look like two squirrels latched onto his neck. Poor baby. :( The worst part of the news is that he has to forego ALL contact sport for the next month which means he has to withdraw from the Junior Olympics. This is the first time in 3 years that he's missing the JOs. He does have one more year he can compete in them so it's not a total wash. He's also going to miss a couple of other good fencing tournaments though none as important in the fencing schedule as the JOs. And they're in Hartford!!!

He's actually taking this much better than I am--no surprise there. I'm such a whiner. But, he's accepted the necessity of this course of action and we'll go on from here. David, wonderful man that he is, has said "Let's go to Hartford anyway. Alex can cheer on his friends and we can enjoy each other's company doing something we all love." Like father like son. :)