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My life is now officially out-of-date

I've been feeling my age this week--a new group of Board members will be joining soon--none of whom were alive when this word was common. I first heard a variant used by Crosby Stills and Nash at a concert in Detroit in 1970! My favorite word from my younger days is actually "groovy" which, I'm happy to say, I get to use much more often than bogue. ;)

Gakked from Moondustwolf

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sirona7 is mostly likely to say the out-of-date phrase:

Because they keyed your car
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Alex goes back to school tomorrow--he's started back with footwork and point control exercises. Meet the epee moms for dinner tonight at It Rains Fishes for yummy Thai food and to catch up on the good/bad/ugly from the Junior Olympics. Cooking ham for the fam with greenbeans--David will love the PA Dutch recipe. All is well, for now.