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It's baaaccckkk

So it turns out the disappearing website was my fault. Marc from xanga had sent me an email in early July asking me to renew and giving me specifics on how to do so. The message came in while we were at the Summer Nationals. When we got home in mid-July, and I had to go through a mountain of email, I must have read it, and kept it to act on, but then promptly forgot what I had to do to renew the personal URL.

After the site desparued, I went up in flames. Calmness eventually returned and I remembered a little email warning that might have had something to do with the renewal. Yep, the flash of clarity pointed me to the saved emails and there was Marc's note. I contacted him and he promptly restored the site, without even once rubbing my nose in the fact of my own idiocy, and now sirona7.net lives again.

Maybe it's another sign of encroaching age, I think I've already taken care of ____, and I haven't done it, I've only thought about doing it. Ouch. I still think I can juggle like I used to but that simply isn't so. Need to develop some new strategies for the next phase of living. Let's see, I wonder where that should go on the ever lengthening list? Oh, not a big deal, this is something I can do easily, I'll think about it later....