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And the college choice is...

Brandeis, where he can study classics, fence for an NCAA team, and get an award for 1/2 tuition as long as he keeps his grades above 3.0. Such a relief, I tell you. While I may not look any lighter, it feels like it. The BEST thing is that he's only a few miles away. Now, for the tricky bit--figuring out where to get the rest of the money to pay for school. ;)

Beware House spoilers and spec ahead Really looking forward to tonight's House because it could/should be Chase-rich. After watching a promo, I wondered if one of the diagnoses mightn't be temporal lobe epilepsy, which would tie together some of the symptoms the young preacher shares with Joan of Arc. And while it's too straightforward a diagnosis to be the actual dysfunction of the week, the premise of the ep gives angsty reason to explore Chase's "faith/fail response" (TM flakewhite in the Robert Chase thread at the TWoP House forum.) Can't wait to read the discussion there after the show!

And how savory are the spoilers about Chase admitting he needs a break? I love it. Even in the fractured timeline of House, it should be coming up on the one year anniversary of Rowan's death. That, plus all the other CRAP that is Chase's daily life, it's a freaking miracle the guy hasn't gone postal yet. Really hoping the writers give us some quality Chase moments in the remaining eps of the season. Hoping fanfic writers out there will be busy filling in the fluffy possibilities--RC stops in Aus to pocket millions left him out of guilt by the late daddy, closing the books on that chapter of his life, and then sails away for a month stay at a 5-star Riviera resort, returning relaxed with a gorgeous tan and a new Italian wardrobe. :) I can dream, can't I?