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Summer Nationals

Qualifiers are finally done and we have a schedule for the Summer National Champtionships in Atlanta in July. Alex is fencing U19 men's epee, Div 1A men's epee, and U19 team. There's a chance he may fence senior team epee as well, but that's not settled yet, depends on finances. We've never been to Atlanta and so are really looking forward to this trip. We'll fly in and rent a car probably. I hope we have some extra days to play.

Taking a short course online on screenwriting. As always, I'm in way over my head. The other folks are writers who have mucho experience and clarity. Me, not at all. The fun part is trying to work out the plot for a spec script for House MD that is complex and yet not-inane, medically speaking. Alex has been helping me (since I am hopeless when it comes to plotting) and we've had a blast playing with the conventions of the show. It helps that Alex is a devious epee fencer who likes lateral puzzles otherwise, if left to my own romantic inclinations, I fear the script would be all about Chase and Cameron and no one, including me, would want to read it!

Graduation is on June 11th--we've ordered a video iPod for Alex's present--hope he likes it--if not, I'm so going to steal it!