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TB or not TB? (with apologies to House MD)

After mono, whooping cough, and strep throat, all at the same time this spring, I thought Alex was finished with weird medical scenarios for the year. But no. He went for his physical for college, during which they planted a TB test. They also immunized him, poked, prodded, and pronounced him healthy. Two days later, he went back to have the TB test read--the test area was 15mm--positive! Alex was completely floored. After giving an extensive history and getting counseling from his beloved pediatrician, Dr. Pangburn, we are no closer to knowing when, or how, he was exposed. Alex and I went to Winchester Hospital for an x-ray. Results--no evidence of active TB or of scarring--so probably no TB. But, and here's the real kick in the shins, regardless of this evidence that he doesn't have TB, Alex has to take the TB medication INH for 9 months anyway. So totally sucks. The silver lining is that the medication is not banned by the NCAA or the USFA so it won't effect his fencing, and most people don't have any adverse reactions to the meds. Not that it's an issue, but one can't drink while taking the drug either. Alex is, as usual, taking it in stride. We're all wondering how he was exposed to TB and both Mom and I are going for tests since we have had lung ailments for years and wouldn't it be a total bummer if it were TB and not asthma. I'm not going there just now, I'm in my peaceful space, floating above the waves of anxiety....