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Another week another catastrophe...

On Saturday, Alex and Sarah were on the way to the DeCordova museum and had the classic Boston car accident: someone stopped without warning and that set off a chain reaction of rear-enders. Alex, lucky boy that he is, was in the middle car. Thankfully, he and Sarah were not injured at all--hell, the airbags didn't even deploy. They were almost stopped when the car behind them slammed into the rear-end and pushed them into the car in front. Honestly, the damage didn't look that bad to my untrained eye but the insurance appraiser totalled the car. It was a sad moment this afternoon when we went over to the towyard and emptied out the Hyundai. Moment of silence please for a great car--worked like a charm--drove smoothly and never had a single breakdown. :( RIP So, the insurance people want to give us a less-than-good amount for the car and David is trying to negotiate an amount more in keeping with the going-rate on similar cars on autotrader.com or vehix.com. We'll see where this goes--David's a pretty fair horsetrader--I wouldn't bet against him getting a better deal. Mom is fantasizing about a hybrid but I'd love to get another Sonata, if truth be told. Guess I know what I'm doing in my spare time this weekend.