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After this morning's glance at TWoP, I have to stop reading the House spoilers--cold turkey and now. While other folks seem to be ecstatic about the upcoming stories--they leave me wondering and not usually the good kind of wondering. Stopping spoilers worked wonders for me with 24--that and a change in the way I watch the show. Now I watch like I eat at my lunch spot on the Square--because it's easy, filling, occasionally inspired fare that gives me pleasure on a regular basis. I don't go there to be dazzled by the brilliance of the chef. My love/hate with spoilers began long ago with Buffy. I started reading them for House and mostly it's been good. I've never read them for Battlestar or Criminal Minds (do they even exist for CM?), my two current passions, and I wonder if that's a contributing factor?

This weekend is Fall Fest at Brandeis--going to lectures and tours and eating in a dining hall--should be great! (I've changed my picture to a recent one of son, Alex.)