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malabon malabon all is good and bad

Some sad news about my son: he's going to need arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus in his right knee. :( The injury happened at the open at BFC two Sundays ago but we just had the diagnosis confirmed by MRI. He's lucky to be seeing a great surgeon at a renowned sports medicine practice (Excel Orthopedics) so no worry about the quality of his care. Just bummed that he has to endure another physical malady that keeps him off the fencing strip. He really wants to fence NCAA and that's just not going to happen, perhaps for the whole season, which recently started. If he can't fence competitively for another 6 to 8 weeks, he's not going to get enough bouts in to qualify for regionals or nationals or the Junior Olympics. But, in true Alex form, he's not dwelling on the bad, instead he's going to practice, doing armoury for the team, pitching in by reffing and strip coaching, and cheerleading and basically anything else he can do to remain a part of the team. Not for the first time my kid is my inspiration.

On a much happier note: Deval Patrick won the governorship, sending Mr. Romney and the forces of fundamentalism exiting off stage right in our bluest of blue states. Gay marriage will NOT be up for a vote here in Massachusetts. And speaking of blue, I'm a tiny bit hopeful about politics for the first time since Monica revealed the existence of one little blue dress!