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About the Golden Globes, I'm really torn over the Best Actor in a TV drama. The whole category is an embarrassment of riches but particularly so with Hugh Laurie and Michael C. Hall. This season has given us a dramatic feast between House's search for meaning and Dexter confronting his true identity. I adore Hugh Laurie and his performance as House which is as nuanced, smart, funny, and compelling as any I've had the privilege of seeing. Michael C. Hall's Dexter is just as complex, conflicted, and intriguing as House, but these qualities are layered into a character who literally embodies the coexistence of good and evil. And if that weren't enough of a dramatic challenge, the story is told largely in Dexter's own voice. The Dexter season finale was a mindfuck of the first order--I still haven't recovered from the power of the last ten minutes--as was House's finale, "No Reason." I say, be Solomonic, split it down the middle and give them both awards!