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Congrats to Hugh on his second GG. I loved his acceptance speech, even more than last year's, and that he was hanging out with the Heroes; there's something just so right about that guy. Alex is back at Brandeis and getting around with his brace and his backpack. He's going to see Pres. Carter this week, that should be interesting. His dorm floor has been reading the book and debating among themselves and now they will go as a group to listen. David was doing well, and then overdid it on Thursday, and has been recovering ever since. I just can't imagine how he's going to be ready to return to work on the 31st. Mom has been sitting in one spot since the weather got cold, covered to the teeth in a fleecy blanky, wathcing Court TV. My cod, I live in a nursing home! Got to get back to the game--Go Pats. :)