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Can't believe it's been two months since my last entry! The best thing that's happened in that time is that I've discovered a new TV show to love and another to like: love The Dresden Files, like Raines.

My new favs have pressed home to me that I'm largely a junkey for season one of any reasonably good to great TV show. After that, all bets are off! ;) I can drop them without looking back. The part of fangirling that addicts me is the early development of characters and stories, when a show is fluid and surprising and shiny and new, I'm in heaven. It's tied into fanfiction as well because that's when I love a show's fanfiction the best.

Not that shows can't maintain interest for me after the first season, far from it. Battlestar is still tempting fate reqularly after 3 seasons--and despite its flaws--so too, gloriously, maddeningly is House at 3. It just seems that shows often hit a creative wall in the second season. Trying hard to keep up with all the complexities of plot and character, and yet forced to forge ahead to new heights, show runners commit to plot twists and character developments that make me sad, more often than not, and I turn off the TV.

One show I watch regularly has had a good to great second season--Criminal Minds. I like the way the writers are developing the characters slowly, with some surprises, but mainly with respect to who they have already shown themselves to be. The shows have kept to the established format, with little modification, and have created a strong esprit de corps despite changing out of one of the team this season.

All that aside, I'm still fangirl-silly excited anticipating where Dexter heads in season 2. And yes, I'm hoping against hope that Harry Dresden gets a chance to work more crazy magic, this time for a full season.