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Apr. 29th, 2007

Can't wait for movie version of The Golden Compass to be released this December. The website is dramatic and absorbing, in a Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings kind of way. I'm devoted to the dark disquieting parallel universe Pullman has created. Being a dork, I had to take the "find your daemon" test. Click here to see "my daemon." I so didn't believe it that I took the test three times because this was NOT what I expected and I couldn't understand how my honest answers to fairly straightforward questions could lead to a result so not how I see myself. For the record, I think my daemon would be a bird of some kind while my husband thinks I'm more lemur and my mom is going with squirrel! ;) At any rate, it's a sublime journey of a book, and I'm so very glad to have a (hopefully) great movie to see obsessively over the hols.