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Now what do I do?

Arrgh. After spending an embarrassing amount of time trying to create a style for my page, I had an anxiety attack. Figuring that perhaps I was mentally unhinged by all the choices, I decided to simplify. So, I faked it with a default style. The process of setting up a page was SO much simpler at Xanga, sirona7.net. Makes me wonder, maybe I'm not ready for LJ? (Yeah, another realization half an hour too late to take back! Damn, I'm committed, and ready or not, I'm going to figure it out.)

Let's start with a guilty pleasure. :) It's ridiculous but I find myself addicted to MemeGen and the endless creativity of the quizzes posted there. Here's a popular quiz for you to try:

Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Sense of Humour
In a survival situation, you:Cleverly trick your attacker
Your hidden talent is:A beautiful mind
Your gift is:Artistic talent
In groups, you:Play an organisational role
Your best quality is:Your indomitable will
Your weakness is:Your lack of sensitivity
Quiz created with MemeGen!

It's like cotton candy. You know you shouldn't be enjoying it but you can't stop grooving on the feel of the sweet web evaporating on your tongue or the smell of spinning sugar in the air!

Another of my pleasures is Alias fanfiction. I haven't published anything in ages, and haven't even watched the show since mid-season 2, but reading the stories has never ceased to be a powerful experience. I still help to maintain a story site, Nocturnal Activities, focused on the ever-darkening character, Jack Bristow (Sydney's father) played to perfection by Victor Garber.

Nowhere is the quality of Alias fanfiction more evident than with the Sark stories. The writers seem a whole other level of sophistication and nuance. If you're interested, some great stories are archived at Dark Enigma.

For a less Sark-focused archive, and a place where I seem to be able to spend hours, visit Cover Me, the ultimate Alias fanfiction archive.

For some of the best Sarkfic, indeed Aliasfic, rush on over to Festival of Fiction 2004</a> where they've just posted this year's winners.


Mellowing now. Through an open window, I'm listening to the sounds of a summer night in our little town. It's hushed enough to return to reading The Beak of the Finch and let go of the present.