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First tournament of the season

We passed on the Amoskeag tournament last weekend--chickened out on driving in the remnants of Ivan. Living in Houston taught me that driving in a hurricane, even a blown-out fragment of one, is like coming on a bear in the woods, you have to remember that even a little one can kill you and the smart money is on playing dead until its passed by.

Didn't have to wait long to go to a tournament though--today there was an open at Boston Fencing Club, our fencing home. Lots of familiar faces as well as welcome new ones. Men's epee had 26 fencers, 6 Bs. The event went exceedingly well and Alex tied for third, losing to Dan Hadley, who finished second. The gold medal bout was a good one--between Mr. Hadley and Igor Kuklin, who fences at BFC. Dan used distance to great advantage, and unleashed a flurry of attacks, but in the end, Igor won the day with fiercely effective parry ripostes.

Next weekend, there will be a U20 open at BFC. Women will fence on Saturday and men on Sunday.

I had a good fencing class yesterday. Taking up a sport in my fifties, when I've never been athletic in the slightest, has been a revelation of sorts. I don't know what hurts more, my legs or my arms or my ego! Yet there's been a little progress over the last three weeks and that's been sweet. Rich, the Saturday class instructor, has been very kind, supportive even, and tries hard to make me feel like I can learn to fence. Having nothing to go on in the way of athletic experience, I've been amazed to find that fighting my fears has been harder than training my body to do new movements. So far though, the moments of discouragement are outweighed by the exhilaration at trying something so completely alien. Don't laugh--I'm signing up for another term!