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Friday Frenzy at Fenway

The annual office team-building outing was today. We went to Jillian's across the street from Fenway Park and, though the event was planned weeks ago, it couldn't have been a better day for the jaunt. We did celebrity watch (think we saw one Red Sox player--Bronson Arroyo), people crowding the streets, looking up at the Green monster, bathing in the buzz. The lot beside the ballyard was full of media production trailers with satellite uplink trucks positioned in a row. In front of the Avalon, a rock band was unloading equipment from a Scion. We ate lunch, bowled (!), and laughed a lot. So far, Red Sox Bi-Polar disorder has yet to set in. :) The Sox victories of the last 4 games have graced us with an unforeseen sense of comraderie, fleeting though it may be, and we are savoring every unlikely moment.