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David on CSI!

Did you catch David Anders on CSI tonight? SO nice to see him on screen again. The camera adores him and the director certainly took full advantage of his lovely bones and gleeful charm. Some fine screencaps (and comments) are available at Mad-Love.nu, a must-see site. Click on the Board, Intel forum, General Intel, the David Anders thread. Scroll down the page to see all the fine caps, thanks to skyeasinsark, here. Or for a whole lovely page of Travis, thanks to bluebear_74, visit here.

The character, Travis Watson, is a toxicology tech in the CSI lab. David uses a modified Northwest coast accent, heavy on the enunciation, still resonant but with a lighter palette of inflections. In his first scene, he delivers his findings straight up, but after that, he flirts shamelessly with Catherine and laughs in a way we've never seen in Sark. His body language is looser and he fills up that lab coat like no one else on the show! I was glad Warrick wasn't on on Thursday because a scene with the two of them would have burned up the screen! If you missed the show, catch a synopsis and review here. And to participate in a discussion of the show, visit here. For spoilers on CSI, try here.