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Disappearing website--must be magic?

My URL at xanga.com (sirona7.net) disappeared yesterday. Could have been magic, wish it had been, but it wasn't. The why? I didn't realize it was time to renew. Ouch, it hurts to be ignorant. Since I got the URL through xanga, I figured they would be the folks who would help me renew. No such luck. There isn't a single word on the site about renewing personal URLs. None. Nada. Squat. So, I went to networksolutions.com to check out the facts--yes, the site expired 8/10/04. It was managed by xanga. Emailed every address I could find on xanga and register.com. I guess I'll back order the name and see what happens! Oh, bother.

If you've had a similar experience, I'd appreciate some suggestions. Especially if you've had this experience with xanga.

We're heading out to western Massachusetts this weekend to go rafting. Taking along some of Alex's fencing buddies. David assures me that the river is a tame one and I'll enjoy myself. Being a giant chicken, I don't want to deal with rapids bigger than those I can generate in a bathtub. Somehow I think these will be a little bigger. :)

Getting a little further with my first attempt at a Sark story. Having not written much of anything in almost 2 years, I've really enjoyed trying my hand at this most ambiguous of characters. He's delicious to write. It feels really good to get that tingle when the words are flowing faster than you can type and you're seeing and hearing the story unfold, almost like watching a movie. One thing I can't do is to think about all the brilliant Sarkfic out there. The comparisons would be painful, and I'd just be too intimidated to write another word!

On a related topic, sorry to learn that the powers on the show have reduced the character to a couple of shows. They have assured the fans that those shows will be Sarkcentric but I'm skeptical in light of what they did with the character in Season 3. Bloody butchery. David Anders continues to amaze though. Whatever the writers throw his way, he'll serve up with glorious invention.

Here's a little quiz that made me laugh and reminded me of all the great years I spent LOVING Buffy. Thanks for the memories, Joss!

Your Vampire Life (female) by EvilKirin
Your Username
How Many Years From Now You Will Be Turned...1
You Will Be Turned By...Your Aunt
Your Signature Power Will Be...Change Form (gas cloud)
Your Vampiric Lifemate Will Be...
You Will Lure Them Into It By...Accidental
How Many Years You Will Live For...432
You Will Finally Be Killed By...
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Got to go and do some footwork with Alex, who is teaching me the basics in advance of my Learn to Fence class.