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No no nanowrimo

5199 words so far in my first NaNoWriMo effort. Not going to get any awards this year but it has been good to write again. I've tried my hand at an Alias story set after Resurrection--have a scene between Jack and Sark and one with Sydney and Sark. There's a rough draft of a scene with Jack and an original character, Lev Zaitsev, who directed the prodigy experiment that formed the core of the Soviet equivalent of Project Christmas, called Sigma in my AU. The one remaining scene I've sketched out is with Sydney and Sark in Prague.

On the fencing front, Alex's coach, Max, has left BFC. Alex wants to continue studying with him and fencing on the Varsity team so we have to go to two fencing clubs a week! Max will be at Bay State Fencers, a new club started this summer by Stacy Eddy, formerly of BFC.

Had a good weekend of fencing, Saturday, Turkey Open at BFC, Sunday Turkey Stab Open at Candlewood. The competitions were well run and almost no overlap in competitors between the two--very challenging!

We're on our way to Richmond VA next week for our first Div I NAC. Alex knows this is a very tough field of competitors and, oddly enough, he finds this liberating. He tells me that he's going to do his best and let the cards fall where they may. We're staying overnight so we can see the event through to the gold medal bout. Should be some superb fencing.

The real bonus is a chance to spend some time with my aunt, Claudette, who lives in Newport News. She'll drive up on Thursday, spend the night, then go to the event on Friday. Claudette has a great sense of humor, and believe me, that will be very welcome especially since we're flying. I hate flying and am freaking out about getting on a plane again. It's not that I've ever had a really bad flying experience, it's just that I don't like the physical experience of flying--I get shortness of breath, panicky cold all over, and am hypersensitive to motion. But, I'm going to have to fly a few times in the next couple of months so I have to tough my way through as best I can. Oh, the things you'll do for your kid!