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NAC in Richmond

Just returned from Richmond VA and our first Division I NAC. What a learning curve! The results are here. You'll have to scroll most of the way down the page to find Alex but regardless of the fact that he didn't make it out of the first pool, he had a blast! We stayed all day and watched some of the most talented fencers in the world and it was inspiring.

We also really enjoyed our time in Richmond, a city I haven't visited since I was a child. The event was held at the Richmond Convention Center which was a fine facility for this purpose. We ate very well (at 3rd Street Diner and at Sine) and slept like lambs at the Crowne Plaza. We even had time to visit the State House</a>.

Alex was disappointed in his performance but decided that he would take it in stride and dedicate the next 6 weeks to training harder and fencing smarter so that when we go to Overland Park Kansas in January, he'll be better prepared. A mature and sensible attitude and we'll do what we can to support him in his efforts to become a better fencer.

Guests are coming in two weeks and the house is a disaster. We have a spectacular Balsam Fir up in the living room with not a single light or ornament! I know I've got to get to it but so far, no luck! I did buy some tiny peppermint candycanes today. :) Tomorrow....