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KO'd in KC

It was brutally cold when we arrived in Overland Park and it never quite warmed up, inside or out. Alex fenced the Div I, winning 2 of 6 bouts, not advancing to the second pools, and ending up 129 out of 182. Sorry to say, the Junior event didn't go a whole lot better; he won 3 of 6 bouts in the pool, and lost his first DE 15/10--ouch--to finish 73 out of 132. He had great strip coaching from Davis Merritt who managed to successfully combine apposite observations with tangible suggestions all delivered with his unique brand of caustic wit. He was generous sharing his experience and was encouraging to all the BFC fencers. It was a great pleasure to have him there and I hope he can come with us again in future. Alex is, of course, anything but discouraged, and I applaud his conviction and his love of the sport. We'll be fencing locally and regionally for the next little while and then we'll do another NAC in April in Chattanooga, at least that's the plan, if the credit cards hold out!

One thing that really worked out right was the dining choices. We ate divine beef at the Hereford House and delightful barbeque at Jack Stack BBQ. We also managed to find good Chinese at The Golden Leaf in a mall on 110th Street and Nall. The food at the venue was pretty good too with a choice of fresh fruits, sandwiches made to order, and a variety of beverages.

The flying was fine--continued to distract myself with really hard crossword puzzles--and found that the drudgery of travel was slightly lessened by keeping the things I carry with me to the minimum. I don't know that I can be so lucky next time as we will probably carry Alex's uniform, shoes, and mask with us. After witnessing the misfortune Zach suffered by having his fencing bag not arrive in time for him to fence the Div I. If we carry along the basics, all we'd need to do is borrow the weapons, if his fencing bag didn't make it to Chattagnooga in time!

It's bitterly cold here tonight and a huge snowstorm is on the way. Time to hunker down with the family, make some popcorn, and watch samurai movies.