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So many riches...

Just back from the Junior Olympics in Arlington Texas. Alex fenced Junior men's epee and finished 92 of 217 which is considerably better than last year's 181 of 188. He got a buy in the round of 256 and lost in an overtime heartbreaker to Mr. Trapani, 9 to 8. He fenced well, about as well as he can, and though he lost, it was a clean one. On the food front, we managed barbeque and Texmex and breakfast at Waffle House every day--good eats.

When we returned from Texas, I found out that a dear friend had just learned they are expecting! Sarah and Chad are two people who will make the "best parents ever!" This news makes me deliriously happy. Congratulations and best wishes for a healthy baby.

We also discovered that David Anders had been in Dallas not 4 days earlier, February 12/13th, at Dallas Comic Con. The report from the hosts is well worth reading and confirms again that David is a really nice and friendly and charmingly wacky guy. I was also glad to hear that his girlfriend, Lauren, was there with him.

Speaking of David Anders, this is a David-rich week on TV. He was on Charmed on Sunday night (for a cool discussion of this ep, see TWOP thread on Julian Sark aka David Anders) and tonight will be in the first part of a two-parter on Alias (see same thread on TWOP). I'm hoping against hope that the writers have done justice to Mr. Sark. Since they seem to be determined to impose on us the notion that Sark is Vaughn's nemesis, I have little real faith that they will bring Sark and Sydney together in a meaningful way. The onscreen chemistry between Sydney and Sark is a heady mix of threat, humor, and sexual tension which just happens to be something the show is seriously lacking. About season four, I watched APO and wanted to like it but in the end, felt it was 2 dimensional, at best. Since then, I've only watched the end of Detente to catch the Sark/Anna promo. Other than for Sark, and maybe a Jackcentric show, I can't honestly see myself watching Alias again. I will never stop reading Alias fanfiction though, that's where you can find the promise of the show fulfilled.

Going to NYC this weekend to see some friends, the MOMA, and a show. If lucky, we may be able to score tix to Spamalot, the new Monty Python show.