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College application process jitters

It seems like months that I've been fretting about college visits, college apps, and paying for college. Wait, it HAS been months. Alex submitted two early actions--Georgetown and UMassAmherst and one that promised an answer in 21 days--UVM. Good news is that he's in at UVM, a good school with a good Classics department, in a beautiful location, and home to lots of enthusiastic fencers. Alex is a honorary Green Mountain fencer so this all works out fine. Tomorrow he takes the Oxford exam for Classics IIA--the GCSE in Latin and a Language Aptitude test. He's the first Arlington senior to apply to Oxford and is getting tremendous support from his Latin teacher, Mr. Smith, and the principal, Mr. Skidmore. They have gone way above and beyond to help him. But, miles to go yet and hopefully he'll get some more positive news in the next week.