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More on college

Some good news and some mixed news: Alex has been accepted at U Mass Amherst--yeah--and deferred at Georgetown. They encouraged him to submit more recommendations and said that this term's grades will be very important. He's surprisingly sanguine about it all--I'm much more anxious about his choices. His first choice is Brandeis and that's the one he is hoping will accept him--if they do, I think that's the one he'll go to. He loves the coach, Bill Shipman, and the classics department is wonderful. He can also do biology and modern languages. It's close to home :) and I can even see him fence the local NCAA tournaments, if he makes the team. We haven't heard from Oxford which is the school my husband hopes for, if only for the incredible experience of living in the UK.

This weekend is the qualifiers for the Junior Olympics. Alex is trying for both epee and foil--wish him luck!