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Not fencing foil in Hartford

Alex didn't qualify in foil on Sunday--fenced well and lost to teammate Dan Convery-Zupan who did qualify. He was satisfied with the results though and after he finished the tournament we went out and bought a Christmas tree. A lovely blue spruce--we've never had one before. It fills our tiny living room and is almost too pretty to decorate. But, the boxes of ornaments are stacked up to the ceiling and I'll tackle the lights tonight.

I finally figured out why I'm so out of sorts this hol--Mom hasn't baked the usual house-full of cookies and cakes! The scent of Mom's baking, from Thanksgiving on, triggers my Christmas spirit! Because she is so tired and her emphesema is getting her down, she hasn't had the energy to bake much. She managed to make springerles, some Swedish almond bars and sandies but that's it. I'll have to step up and do the maple logs and some of the other family faves. This feels very much like the beginning of the inevitable with Mom. It's sad and it's also inevitable. I would have had a much harder time facing it years ago, but since she has lived with us 18 years, the changes have accummulated until it is inescapably clear what they mean. I'm going to do whatever I can to make this Christmas a memorable one for her.


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