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An Ansel Adams Christmas

My sister is an environmentalist with a passion for wetlands. She has inspired the family to love and respect the natural world. When we get together we like to do at least one thing that honors this commitment. This year, the whole family went to see the Ansel Adams exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Carla and Tom were still absorbed after an hour and half--Alex and I were mindblown and had to move on to see other art. Of the work collected in the exhibit, my favorite pieces were these Japanese-styled screens Adams had made for a couple of friends. They were 5 or six feet tall with 3 or 5 panels. The photos were blown up to monumental size and printed on exquisite paper. It was a revelation to see the photos reproduced like that. It was very much like being in a room with Monet's water lilies. In fact, I was surprised with how painterly Adam's late work was. Alex's favorite was a small series of surf pictures taken along Highway 101 in California--again there was a Monet like quality to the work--reminiscent of his haystacks or Rouen cathedral series. The exhibit inspired me to rejoin the Sierra Club (after 20 years) and to look up photography classes for the spring.

Carla and Tom left this morning, returning to Michigan. I hope to see them again soon. With mom's health fading, I would welcome a rekindling of our ties. On to New Year's and the Hangover Open at BFC.