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Lazy, hazy days

I love the end of August.

Hubbie, David, gets time off, I get time off, son, Alex, gets time off--convergence of goodness. This year we're staying close to Boston and visiting places we either haven't seen before or haven't seen in a long time--JFK Library, Aquarium, Peabody Museum, Newburyport, Marlboro Music, Tanglewood, and it goes on and on. We are still in pursuit of the perfect peach ice cream and will be stopping at every ice cream stand that looks worth its measure as we travel to Maine, New Hampshire, and best of all, Vermont, in the next two weeks.


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Fencing update:

Had a great time watching Olympic fencing on Italian TV care of the wonderful fencing.net site. There was a discussion thread in the forum that pointed to a streaming video from RAI and some very helpful advice if you had trouble. Thanks so much to GAV for making the links available and for his generosity in helping others navigate streaming. We missed seeing the Men's epee team and hope it is rebroadcast sometime soon. However, the men's foil finals in particular were amazing.

RANT: I can't believe that this sport couldn't gain a larger audience on TV in USA. It's got everything--drama, art, excitement, mental and physical challenges. What it needs is excellent filming of the bouts and commentators both knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Just take a look at the incredibly successful World Poker Tour--they've managed to make watching poker into a national pasttime! Poker is an excellent game of strategy, guile, and flat-out guts--both fun to watch and fun to do. Fencing is all that and so much more.

Speaking of fencing, it's time to set the schedule for competitive fencing for the season. Alex wants to travel more and compete at at least one Div I NAC this fall. We've also discovered a new circuit, North Atlantic Sectional Circuit, so we'll try to do all the events on this schedule. First on this schedule is the Granite State Open coming up in October. Mostly though we'll travel around in NE.

And finally, I'm taking a beginning fencing class at BFC this fall so I'm the last member of the fam to get on board with the sport. At least two other moms have decided to join in on the Saturday class. Fencing moms unite!


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Aug. 24th, 2004 02:03 pm (UTC)
Formidable Fencing Mom

It's so great that your taking up fencing along with Alex and David. I wish I could too! And you are absolutely right, the Olympic fencing coverage was horrendous!

Thanks for turning me onto live journal! I am already playing around with my customization!

I definitely think we should bring Claudia and Trina in on the fun!

Aug. 24th, 2004 04:26 pm (UTC)
Re: Formidable Fencing Mom
Yes indeedy, we need to get Claudia and Trina involved! I was meaning to get in touch with Trina as we have a group of Danish fencers coming to stay with BFC families in about a month. Unfortunately, we won't be in town for part of the week so we couldn't host anyone but we're in charge of the welcoming party.
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