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Life with Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi is officially back and I'm delighted. Really enjoyed the second season premiere, Find Your Happy Place, which can be watched online until November at http://www.nbc.com/Life/video/episodes/. Happy to say that the premiere party went well and hope to have hooked at least 3 of the attendees. :) Don't miss the second episode this Friday night, 10pm Eastern, on NBC, in Life's new timeslot.

US Men's Sabre Team wins Silver in Beijing

Congratulations to the fencing team, coaches, and supporters on an exciting win. Read the story at NBC Olympics' page. That brings the US fencing team total to 6 medals:

Women's individual sabre--gold, silver, bronze
Women's sabre team--bronze
Women's foil team--silver
Men's sabre team--silver

Congratulations to the US Olympic Fencing Team--the power of believing--it's a beautiful bridge.
Wishing the best of luck to the US Olympic fencing team. View the schedule of fencing in Beijing and the NBC Olympic fencing coverage schedule.

It's spring here, finally and for real: an imperious sun, flowers abound, flushing trees, people out on the streets everywhere, and at long last, new episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Found this little quiz and took it in honor of the 4th and final season:

Ah, Helo...
Glorious mid-winter thaw in New England today-the sun is shining, the snow melting, and the window stands opened to the sweet breeze for the first time in months. A perfect day to have an historic election. What an amazing variety of choices there are, both sides and inbetween, which makes it such a stirring day to be an American.

Dresden Files (TV) fans

Only a few hours remain to vote for The Dresden Files at the People's Choice Buzz Poll. Click here, scroll to the Buzz Poll box, and vote for Harry now. The poll closes at 6pm (?) on December 11th. Thanks!
Tune in to Part 2 of Dig a Hole and Fill it Up on Wednesday night at 10pm eastern, after Deal or No Deal, on NBC. This is the last new episode until the end of the strike. To catch the most recent episodes of Life online, click HERE. For more about the show, click HERE, to go to the NBC Life forum (contains spoilers). Life stars Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi, with Adam Arkin and Robin Weigert.

Life on after Heroes tonight!

Don't forget that part 1 of Dig a Hole and Fill it Up airs tonight at 10pm eastern, after Heroes. Part 2 airs on Wednesday at 10pm in the regular time period. For more information, click HERE, to go to the NBC Life forum (contains spoilers).
So glad to say I was wrong wrong wrong about Life being cancelled--it was announced on Monday that Life was being picked up for the back nine episodes! Such good news. Thank you NBC for keeping Life going and for picking up Chuck while you were at it. :) Now, if only Scifi would see the value in The Dresden Files...